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How To Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Somali

Want to know how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Somali? You’re in the right place. 

It’s always nice to wish someone a happy birthday on their special day but why not do it in a language that means something to them.

Read on to learn more about this.

How To Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Somali

To wish someone a happy birthday in Somali, you can say:

Happy birthdayDhalasho wacan
Happy birthdayDhalasho wanaagsan

Both of these phrases mean ‘happy birthday’ and can be used interchangeably.

Somali Birthday Wishes & Phrases

Alternatively, you can also use some of these phrases:

Have a nice dayMaalin wanaagsan

If you’re speaking to someone special then you’ll want to know how to say I love you in Somali.

Somali Birthday Traditions

Birthday traditions can be very important to many people on their birthdays. To make your loved one feel extra special you can also try some of these Somali birthday traditions.

These days many people in Somalia, especially those who live in urban areas, follow Western traditions on birthdays. This can include a party, cake, candles etc. 

However, in general, in Somalia birthdays are not a big deal and many people don’t celebrate them. This is especially true in more rural areas or villages. In fact, lots of people in Somalia actually don’t know when their birthday is as it’s not something they celebrate. 

Many Somali people who have emigrated to other countries, such as the UK or USA, don’t know their date of birth for official documents so these people often just put January 1st. It’s become a sort of inside joke that everyone’s birthday is Jan 1st. 

Thanks for reading this post on how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Somali. 

It’s a great idea to make the effort to learn how to say this in someone’s native language or a language that means something to them.

Your loved one or friend will be so impressed!

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