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How To Say ‘How Are You?’ In Hausa & Common Responses

In this post, you will learn how to say ‘how are you?’ in Hausa. You’ll also learn common responses so you can respond if you’re asked this question. This can be really useful if you’re speaking with someone from Niger or Nigeria or if you’re travelling there. 

Hausa is a language spoken by the Hausa people, one of Africa’s largest ethinic groups.

It is mainly spoken within Niger and the northern part of Nigeria however there are also significant minorities living in Ghana, Sudan and Cameroon.

It is thought to be spoken by 40 – 50 million people, with some estimates reaching 80 million people. 

How To Say ‘How Are You?’ In Hausa

The way that you say ‘how are you?’ in Hausa depends on who you are speaking to. 

If you’re speaking to a male, then say:

How are you?Kana lafiya?

If you’re speaking to a female, then say:

How are you?Kina lafiya?

Here are some informal ways to say this:

How are you doing? (to a male)Ya kake?
How are you doing? (to a female)Ya kike?
How are things?Yaya harkoki?
How are you?Ina gajiya?

How To Respond To ‘How Are You?’ In Hausa

There are many different ways that you can reply to this question. Below are the most common responses to this question. I’ve also included how to say ‘thank you’ as it’s polite to thank someone if they ask how you are.

Thank youNa gode
I’m goodLafiya
I’m fineLafiya lau
I’m fine (alternative)Ba gajiya
I’m very goodLafiya kalau
I’m sickBa ni da lafiya
I’m happyIna murna
I’m sadIna bakin ciki
I’m angryIna fushi
I’m tiredNa gaji
I’m worriedIna jin

Thanks for reading this post. 

You should now know how to say ‘how are you?’ in Hausa and you should also be able to respond if you’re asked! 

You can’t go wrong with these simple phrases. 

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