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How To Say ‘How Are You?’ In Indonesian & Common Responses

In this post, you will learn how to say ‘how are you?’ in Indonesian, the official language of Indonesia. You’ll also learn common responses so you can respond if you’re asked this question. This can be really useful if you’re speaking with someone from Indonesia or if you’re travelling there. 

Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia and is actually one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This is partly because the population of Indonesia is one of the largest in the world.

It is spoken by around 43 million people as a first language with an additional 156 million people speaking it as a second language.

How To Say ‘How Are You?’ In Indonesian

There are a few different ways to say ‘how are you?’ in Indonesian. Here are the most common:

How are you?Apa kabar?
How are you?Apa kabar-nya?
How are you?Apa kabar-nih?

There is little difference between the above phrases, they all mean ‘how are you?’ however, ‘apa kabar?’ is the most common. 

You can use these phrases in both informal and formal situations.

How To Respond To ‘How Are You?’ In Indonesian

There are many different ways that you can reply to this question. Below are the most common responses to this question. I’ve also included how to say ‘thank you’ as it’s polite to thank someone if they ask how you are.

Thank youTerima kasih
I’m fineSaya baik-baik saja
I’m goodSaya baik
I’m not goodSaya tidak baik
I’m happySaya gembira
I’m sadSaya sedih
I’m angrySaya marah
I’m sickSaya sedang sakit
I’m tiredSaya lelah
I’m excitedSaya merasa bersemangat

It’s also useful to know how to say ‘and you?’ to find out how someone else is if they ask you.

And you?Kalau kamu?
And you?Dan anda?

Check out the below video to hear the pronunciation of some of these phrases. It also includes some additional phrases:

Example Conversation:

Person 1:  Apa kabar? (How are you?)

Person 2: Saya baik, terima kasih. Dan anda? (I’m fine, thank you. And you?)

Person 1: Saya baik. (I’m fine)

Thanks for reading this post. 

You should now know how to say ‘how are you?’ in Indonesian and you should also be able to respond if you’re asked! 

You can’t go wrong with these simple phrases.

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