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How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Bosnian + Other Romantic Phrases

Wondering how to say ‘I love you’ in Bosnian? You’re in the right place.

Saying ‘I love you’ can be both scary and exciting and even more so in a new language!

If you want to know how to say ‘I love you’ and other romantic phrases in Bosnian, then read on.

How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Bosnian

To tell someone that you love them in Bosnian, say:

I love youVolim teVolim teh

Check out the below video to hear the pronunciation of this phrase:

Romantic Phrases & Terms of Endearment in Bosnian

Try these other romantic phrases and terms of endearment including how to say ‘I miss you’ in Bosnian.

I love you so muchVolim te mnogoVolim teh mnogo
I love you tooVolim i ja tebeVolim ee ya tebeh
I miss youNedostaješ miNedo-sta-yesh mi
My loveMoj ljubavMoy lyoo-bav
You are beautifulLijepo izgledaš Liyepo izgledash
You’re good lookingDobro izgledašDobro izgledash
I like youSviđaš mi seSvee-dash mi seh

Check out the below video to hear the pronunciation of some Bosnian dating phrases:

These phrases should come in handy whether you’ve got a love interest from Bosnia & Herzegovina or whether you’re just visiting and want to be prepared. 

If you want to learn some beginner phrases, try learning how to say how are you’ in Bosnian.

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