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15 Mohawk Tribe Quotes, Sayings & Proverbs Everyone Should Know

The Mohawk Native American tribe use a lot of sayings and expressions in daily life which offer advice and even sometimes have hidden meanings.

Check out these Mohawk Native American proverbs and quotes below to gain some insight into Mohawk beliefs and ways of thinking. 

Below I’ve listed famous Mohawk quotes, inspiring Mohawk sayings and common Mohawk proverbs. 

Famous Mohawk Sayings & Mohawk Proverbs

Below I’ve listed the most famous Mohawk proverbs as well as some common Mohawk sayings. These are used often in day to day life.

  1. When an elder speaks, be silent and listen.
  1. Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe.
  1. Listen to her – our earth, our mother, listen to what she is saying.
Famous Mohawk quote which reads 'listen to her - our earth, our mother, listen to what she is saying'.
  1. Remember that your children are not your own but are lent to you by the Creator.
  1. Life is both giving and receiving.
  1. From a grain of sand to a great mountain, all is sacred.
  1. A good chief gives, he does not take.
  1. It’s hard to see the future with tears in your eyes.

Beautiful Mohawk Quotes 

Below I’ve listed a range of famous and inspirational Mohawk quotes.

  1. “No person among us desires any other reward for performing a brave and worth action but the consciousness of having served his nation.” – Joseph Brant
  1. What is past is past – it is the present and the future that concern us.
  1. My face is a mask I order to say nothing about the fragile feelings hiding in my soul.
  1. “Peace will be when you accept it in your heart.” – Hiawatha
  1. The best chief is not the one who persuades people to his point of view. It is instead the one, in whose presence, most people find it easiest to arrive at the truth.
  1. “Every human longs for peace and love.” – Hiawatha
  1. “All of the other chiefs and tribes have accepted the Great Law of Peace. They now live in peace with one another.” – Hiawatha

Thanks for reading this post on the best Mohawk quotes about life, famous Mohawk sayings and fascinating Mohawk proverbs.

These Mohawk quotes & sayings give an interesting insight into the Mohawk Native American beliefs and language.

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