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17 Tongan Proverbs, Quotes & Sayings + Their Meanings

Tongan people use a lot of sayings and expressions in daily life which offer advice and even sometimes have hidden meanings.

Check out these Tongan proverbs and quotes below to gain some insight into Tongan beliefs and ways of thinking. 

Below I’ve listed some common Tongan proverbs, famous Tongan quotes and inspiring Tongan sayings.

Tongan Proverbs And Their Meanings + Famous Tongan Sayings

Below I’ve listed the most well-known Tongan proverbs and their meanings as well as some famous Tongan sayings. These are used often in day to day life.

  1. ‘Oua lau e kafo kae lau e lava – Stay positive and count your blessings.
Famous Tongan proverb which reads 'stay positive and count your blessings'.
  1. Ko e koloa ‘a tongá ko e fakamālō – The expression of gratitude is the treasure of Tonga.
  1. Fangota kihe kato ‘ava – Fishing with a bag that has holes in it.

This Tongan proverb teaches us that we should prepare well and ensure we have all the basic requirements before carrying out a task.

  1. ‘Ikai ha to’a ‘e tu’u tokotaha – No warrior stands alone. 
  1. Si’i pe kae hā – We are a small island but we are still great.
  1. Fai’aki e ‘ilo ‘oua ‘e fai’aki e fanongo – Do it by knowing, not by hearing.

This Tongan proverb means to take caution and not act hastily without knowing the full situation.

  1. Faka’ita fai ki tahi – Anger bestowed on the sea.

The meaning of this Tongan proverb is to not let anger rule our judgment.

  1. Holo pe tu’u he ko e ngalu e fasi – Stand firm and the waves will break.

These Tongan words of wisdom teach us to be patient and good will come.

Famous Tongan proverb which reads 'stand firm and the waves will break'.
  1. Papata pē, ka na’e lalanga – It may be coarse in texture but it was woven.

This Tongan quote means that the journey of life may be rough but it is still purposefully woven.

  1. Motu ka na’e navei – Always be prepared for a disaster.

Beautiful Tongan Quotes & Tongan Proverbs In English

Below I’ve listed a range of famous and inspirational Tongan quotes, Tongan proverbs and Tongan idioms in English.

These all have Tongan origin. 

  1. Friendship is a furrow in the sand.
  1. He who provokes a war must be sure that he knows how to fight.
Famous Tongan quote which reads 'he who provokes a war must be sure that he knows how to fight'.
  1. Do not whirl a snake in the air when you have killed it, the ones which remain in their holes see you.
  1. The hyena does not forget where it has hidden its prey.
  1. Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive.
  1. To embrace my heritage, my language lives on.
  1. When you speak with authority, make sure you follow through with actions.

Check out the video below which features a range of famous Tongan quotes and well-known Tongan sayings & proverbs.

Thanks for reading this post on the best Tongan quotes about life, famous Tongan sayings and fascinating Tongan proverbs.

These Tongan quotes & sayings give an interesting insight into the Tongan beliefs and language.

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