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How To Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Maltese

Want to know how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Maltese? You’re in the right place. 

It’s always nice to wish someone a happy birthday on their special day, but why not do it in a language that means something to them.

As well as wishing your loved one a happy birthday in Maltese, why not also sing the Maltese version of the happy birthday song! 

Read on to learn more about this.

How To Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Maltese

To wish someone a happy birthday in Maltese, you can say:

Happy birthdayAwguri f’għeluq sninekAu-goori feh-looq snee-nek

This phrase literally translates to ‘congratulations on your birthday’ and is used to wish a ‘happy birthday’ in Malta.

To hear the pronunciation of this phrase, check out this video (YouTube).

Another common way to wish someone a ‘happy birthday’ is just to use the English phrase. Everyone understands this phrase in Malta and it’s actually used almost more often than the Maltese version.

Maltese Birthday Wishes & Phrases

Alternatively, you can also use some of these phrases:

Best wishesAwguriAu-goori
Have a nice dayIl-ġurnata t-tajbai-joo-nata tai-bah

If you’re speaking to someone special then you’ll want to know how to say I love you in Maltese.

How To Sing Happy Birthday In Maltese

If you want to go the extra mile for your loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday song in Maltese which is called ‘Ferħ u Awguri’. You’ll be happy to know it’s the same tune as the English version, they just sing it in Maltese.

Check out the video below to hear the Maltese birthday song. I’ve listed the lyrics below so you can sing along.

Here’s the lyrics so you can sing along:

“Ferħ u awguri f’dal-jum,
Għeluq sninek illum, 
Ferħ u awguri lil *name*
Ferħ u awguri f’dal-jum!”

This roughly translates to:

“Joy and congratulations on this day,
Your birthday today,
Joy and congratulations to *name*,
Joy and congratulations on this day!”

Malta Birthday Tradition

Birthday traditions can be very important to many people on their birthdays. To make your loved one feel extra special you can also try this Maltese birthday tradition.


The Quccija is an old Maltese tradition that began back in the 18th century. This is normally done at a child’s first birthday party and the aim is to predict the baby’s future career/lifestyle.

A number of objects are placed a few meters away from the baby who is then encouraged to crawl forward and pick one. Whichever object the baby picks first is said to be predictive of the baby’s future career or lifestyle. 

Some typical objects used for Quccija and what they represent are as follows:

  • Stethoscope – Doctor
  • Calculator – Accountant
  • Book – Author
  • Wooden spoon – Chef 
  • Paint Brush – Artist
  • Credit card – Banker 

Thanks for reading this post on how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Maltese. 

It’s a great idea to make the effort to learn how to say this in someone’s native language or a language that means something to them.

Your loved one or friend will be so impressed!

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