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38 Maltese Quotes, Sayings & Proverbs + Their Meanings

Maltese people use a lot of sayings and expressions in daily life which offer advice and even sometimes have hidden meanings.

Check out these Maltese proverbs and quotes below to gain some insight into Maltese beliefs and ways of thinking. 

Below I’ve listed famous Maltese quotes, inspiring Maltese sayings and common Maltese proverbs. 

Famous Maltese Proverbs & Maltese Sayings

Below I’ve listed the most famous Maltese proverbs as well as some common Maltese sayings. These are used often in day to day life.

  1. ​​Kulħadd tad-demm u l-laħam – We are all made of flesh and blood.

This Maltese proverb teaches that all humans are the same and we should treat everyone equally.

Famous Maltese proverb which reads 'we are all made of flesh and blood'.
  1. Illum jien u għada int – Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you.

This Maltese proverb highlights that life can change and that both good and bad things can happen to anyone. Don’t take it for granted. 

  1. Fejn tħobb il-qalb jimxu r-riġlejn – The legs go where the heart goes.

This proverb highlights that we follow our passions. Our heart’s guide us.

  1. Żgur il-mewt – Death is the only thing that’s certain.

This proverb means that nothing in life is certain and you can’t be sure of anything except death.

  1. Tixtrix ħut fil-baħar – Don’t buy fish that are still in the sea.

This proverb in Maltese teaches us to not put money on something that isn’t 100% safe as we have no way of guaranteeing the fish will be caught.

  1. Il-mistoqsija oħt il-għerf – The question is the sister of wisdom.

This Maltese quote means that the only way to learn is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

  1. Bil-flus ħadd ma jixtri il-ġenna – You can’t buy heaven with money. 

This Maltese proverb warns us that money cannot buy you true happiness and fulfillment. 

  1. L-ilsien bla għadam imma jxoqq l-għadam – The tongue has no bones but shakes you to the bone.

This Maltese saying teaches that words are powerful and can really hurt a person. 

  1. Tinfaxxax rasek qabel taqsamha – Do not bandage your head before you break it. 

This Maltese quote means that we shouldn’t overthink and worry about something before we’ve tried it. 

Famous Maltese quote which reads 'do not bandage your head before you break it'.
  1. Il-giddieb omru qasir – The liar has a short lifespan.

This proverb teaches us that lying will catch up with you. 

  1. Gawdi ghax mid-dinja m’ghandna xejn – Have fun because we have nothing from this world. 

This Maltese saying encourages us to live life to the fullest because we take nothing with us once life is over. 

  1. Iż-żmien hu l-akbar għalliem – Time is the greatest teacher.

This proverb is similar to the English version ‘only time will tell’ which means that the truth or correctness of something will become apparent with time. 

Beautiful Maltese Quotes & More Maltese Proverbs

Below I’ve listed a range of famous and inspirational quotes in Maltese as well as some more Maltese proverbs and their meanings. 

  1. M’hemmx warda bla xewk – There is no rose without thorns. 

This Maltese quote means that if you want to enjoy something beautiful or pleasurable, you must also endure something difficult. 

  1. Tagħmilx iz-zalza qabel taqbad il-ħut – Do not prepare the sauce before catching the fish.

This quote in Maltese teaches us to wait until we have something before carrying out the desired plans.

  1. Min jistenna jithenna – He who waits patiently is rewarded.

This quote highlights the importance of patience. 

  1. Il-bogħod mill-għajn, il-bogħod mil-qalb – Away from the eye, away from the heart.

This Maltese saying is similar to the English version ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It means that your desire for something tends to fade when you can’t see it. 

Famous Maltese quote which reads 'away from the eye, away from the heart'.
  1. Bil-qatra l-qatra timtela l-ġarra – Drop by drop, the pot fills up. 

This proverb in Maltese points out how little things can add up to bigger things.

  1. Il-flus għandhom il-ġwienaħ – Money has wings. 

This Maltese quote means that you should be careful with your money as if you spend unnecessarily your money can easily go.

  1. Il-qattus u l-far qatt ma ħasbu għalenija – The cat and the rat never thought alike.

This quote in Maltese teaches us that whilst different people will have different ideas, they should all be respected. 

  1. Aħjar weġgħa minn demgħa – Better an ache than a tear.

This proverb in Maltese teaches us that sometimes physical pain is better than emotional pain. 

  1. Il-verita’ dejjem toħroġ f’wicc l-ilma – The truth always come to the surface.
  1. Kliem ix-xiħ zomm fih – Trust the words of the old man.

This proverb means that people with experience can teach us a lot.

  1. Ghidli ma’ min taghmilha u nghidlek x’int – Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

This Maltese quote means that our character and behavior is affected by our friends and those we associate with. 

  1. Qis mitt darba u aqta’ darba – Measure one hundred times and cut once. 

This Maltese saying means that you should take your time when making an important decision because you often can’t go back. 

Famous Maltese proverb which reads 'measure one hundred times and cut once'.
  1. Il-grazzja aqwa mill-gmiel – Charm is better than beauty.
  1. Il-borza tal-bezziegh la timtela w lanqas tifriegh – The wallet of the timid man neither increases or decreases.

This Maltese proverb teaches us that being afraid to take risks in life gets us nowhere. We will only remain at a standstill in life if we don’t take risks. 

  1. Min ma jgarrabx il-hazin ma jafx it-tajjeb – He who has had no experience of evil cannot know the worth of what is good.
  1. Wara l-maltemp jigi l-bnazzi – After bad weather comes good weather.

This quote is similar to the English version ‘the sun always shines after a storm’ which means that bad times will always come to an end. 

  1. Fid-dinja hawn aktar imgienen minn nies f’sensihom – In the world there are more insane than sane.
  1. Fid-dinja pinta helu u bitija morr – This world is a pint of sweetness and a barrel of bitterness.

Best Maltese Idioms & Maltese Expressions

Below I’ve listed the most well-known Maltese idioms and expressions. Many of these have hidden meanings. 

  1. Taqtax qalbek

This idiom literally means ‘don’t cut your heart’ but the true meaning is ‘don’t give up’.

  1. Hass hazin

This Maltese idiom literally means ‘bad lettuce’ but it is actually used to say that someone has fainted. 

  1. ​​Holl xaghrek u gib iz-zejt 

This Maltese idiom literally means ‘untie your hair and bring the oil’ but the true meaning is ‘brace yourself’. 

Famous Maltese idiom which reads 'untie your hair and bring the oil'. It means 'brace yourself'.
  1. Nigi naqa u nqum minnek

This idiom literally means ‘I come, fall and get up from you’ however this phrase is actually used to say ‘I couldn’t care less about you’.

  1. Dejjaqtni

This Maltese idiom literally means ‘you narrowed me’. It is actually used to say ‘you have really annoyed me’. 

  1. Qtugh ta’ laham

This idiom literally means ‘cutting of meat’ but it actually used to say ‘sore muscles’. 

  1. Kemm int vojt, ghid?

This Maltese idiom literally means ‘how much empty are you, say?’ however it’s actually used to tell someone that they have said something very stuipd. 

  1. ​​Blajt kanna

This idiom literally means ‘I swallowed a pipe’ but is actually used to say that something really inconvenient has happened. 

Check out the videos below which feature a range of famous Maltese quotes and well-known Maltese sayings & proverbs.

Thanks for reading this post on the best Maltese quotes about life, famous Maltese sayings and fascinating Maltese proverbs.

These Maltese quotes & sayings give an interesting insight into the Maltese beliefs and language.

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