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How To Say The Months In Hawaiian

Wondering how to say the names of the months in Hawaiian? 

This post will tell you all of the names of the months in Hawaiian and includes pronunciation. 

It also covers where these names came from.

List Of The Months In Hawaiian


Check out the video below to hear the pronunciation of the months in Hawaiian by a native Hawaiian speaker:

You may have noticed that the months in Hawaiian do sound a bit like the English ones. This is because the names for the months in Hawaiian were actually adapted from the English words.

A bonus word is the word for ‘month‘ which is ‘mahina‘. This word also means ‘moon’ or ‘moonlight’ in Hawaiian. 

In Old Hawaii, the moon played a vital role in determining the months of the year and the days that fell within them which is where the word for ‘month’ comes from. 

After Western contact in Hawaii, they adopted the Gregorian calendar and created the above words for the months that we all know today.

Thanks for reading this post on how to say the months in Hawaiian. 

You should now be able to say the names of the months in Hawaiian and know where the names come from.

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You can find out more about the Hawaiian language here.

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