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What Languages Does Meghan Markle Speak? (With Videos)

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex is a former actress and member of the British royal family. 

You may be wondering how many languages does Meghan Markle speak? She has lived in several different countries so it’s natural to wonder if she also speaks multiple languages.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This post will go into detail on what languages Meghan Markle speaks, how fluent she is in them and how she learnt them.

What Languages Does Meghan Markle Speak?

Meghan Markle speaks 3 languages to varying levels. Meghan Markle speaks English, Spanish and French.

English is her first language as she was born in Los Angeles, California in 1981 to American parents.

As her parents are native English speakers and she attended English-speaking schools, her native language is English.

Does Meghan Markle Speak Spanish?

Yes, Meghan Markle can speak Spanish fluently

Meghan has been seen utilizing her impressive Spanish skills several times in public with native Spanish speakers stating that she speaks Spanish perfectly.

Meghan Markle grew up in Los Angeles where Spanish is a very commonly spoken language, it’s likely that she took Spanish classes in school. 

After her junior year at Northwestern University, Meghan secured an internship as a junior press officer at the American embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Meghan, age 20 at this point, learnt to speak Spanish in Argentina whilst on this placement, according to her official biography.

This internship was part of her degree in International Relations where knowing foreign languages would be immensely useful. 

As Meghan learnt most of her Spanish whilst in Argentina, she does speak Spanish with an Argentine accent. She learnt both through dedicated learning and by being surrounded by native speakers on a daily basis. 

Additionally, during her time in college, Meghan attended a study abroad program in Madrid, Spain. 

You can see Meghan Markle speaking Spanish in the video below:

How Well Does Meghan Markle Speak Spanish?

Meghan Markle speaks Spanish to a high level. It has been noted that Meghan has a great accent when speaking Spanish and can hold conversations with ease. 

Whilst she was living in Toronto, she even hired a Spanish personal trainer, Jorge Blanco, and took the time to speak to him in his native tongue of Spanish, rather than English.

It was Jorge who noted that she speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent, likely due to her learning the language in Argentina.

She recently surprised staff at the volunteering organization, Homeboy Industries, in LA. Whilst on this visit she started speaking Spanish as some of the people working there were native Spanish speakers. 

The founder of the organization, Father Greg Boyle, was super impressed at her fluency.

Does Meghan Markle Speak French?

Yes, Meghan Markle speaks French.

Her French speaking skills came in useful on a state visit to Morocco. She was seen speaking French to a classroom full of students and didn’t require the use of an interpreter. 

Meghan actually studied French for 6 years in school, according to her official biography.

Prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle lived in Canada where French is commonly spoken as well as English. It’s likely she got some use out of her French skills during this time. 

How Well Does Meghan Markle Speak French?

Meghan can certainly speak French to a good level but she has admitted herself that she’d love to spend time focusing on the language as her French is not as good as her Spanish. 

She discussed this back in 2016 on her lifestyle website ‘The Tig’. In a post, she wrote about wanting to re-learn French as a New Year’s resolution as she had forgotten a lot of the language since focusing on Spanish.

She certainly must have spent time on her French as a few years later she was spotted speaking French in Morocco.

Check out Meghan Markle speaking a bit of French in Morocco in the video below:

In the above video, after trying a Moroccan dish she comments ‘c’est délicieux’ which means ‘it’s delicious’.

What Are Meghan Markle’s Views On Learning Languages?

It’s clear that Meghan Markle has a keen interest in learning languages as she has clearly dedicated a large amount of time to learning both Spanish and French.

It’s thought that Meghan also has some knowledge of other languages as she was spotted saying ‘salamat po’, which means ‘thank you’ in Tagalog, in Edinburgh to a member of the public who told Meghan they came from the Philippines. 

It’s unclear how much Tagalog Meghan can speak but we’re still impressed that she’s giving other languages a go and trying to interact with people in their own language. 

Well, Meghan is certainly much better at languages than her husband as Prince Harry can only speak English.

It may surprise you that Meghan Markle speaks 3 languages. It surprised us too!

It’s great to see that Meghan values learning foreign languages and that she always tries to speak to people in their native tongue where possible.

Thanks for reading this post which answers the question ‘how many languages does Meghan Markle speak?’.

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