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What Languages Does Gigi Hadid Speak? (With Videos)

Gigi Hadid is an American model. In 2016 she was named International Model of the Year and during her career has made 35 appearances on international Vogue magazine covers.

You may be wondering how many languages does Gigi Hadid speak? She has a multicultural heritage and has had huge success so it’s natural to wonder if she also speaks multiple languages.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This post will go into detail on what languages Gigi Hadid speaks, how fluent she is in them and how she learnt them.

What Languages Does Gigi Hadid Speak?

Gigi Hadid speaks 1 language fluently. Gigi Hadid speaks English, however she does also speak Arabic and Dutch to a very limited level. 

English is her first language as she was born in Los Angeles and attended English-speaking schools. She grew up in a largely English-speaking household.

Does Gigi Hadid Speak Arabic?

Gigi Hadid can speak some Arabic but only to a very limited level.

Gigi does speak a little Arabic as her father is Palestinian. Her father, Mohamed Hadid, was born into a Palestinian family in Nazareth so naturally his native tongue is Arabic. 

She also gave her daughter, Khai, an Arabic name. Her daughter’s name means ‘the chosen one’ in Arabic. 

Gigi also revealed that she will teach her daughter the Arabic word for ‘grandfather’ which is ‘Jido’ and her Palestinian father Mohamed will be referred to using this word by baby Khai. 

It seems that Gigi has some knowledge of Arabic as during an Instagram Live that she recorded with her father, Mohamed gave a message at the end in Arabic.

Although she didn’t say anything in Arabic herself, Gigi smiled and nodded so it seems she may have understood what he was saying.

You can see this moment in the video below:

At the start of her Vogue Arabia interview, Gigi does manage to say 2 words in Arabic which translates to ‘It’s me’. You can see this in the video below:

How Well Does Gigi Hadid Speak Arabic?

It’s unclear exactly how much Arabic Gigi can speak and understand as she has never spoken in Arabic publicly. She also has never spoken about being able to speak the language.

It’s likely that she can understand some Arabic from growing up around her father and other Arabic-speaking relatives and might also be able to say some basic phrases. 

Does Gigi Hadid Speak Dutch?

Gigi Hadid does speak some Dutch but it is very limited.

Gigi has some understanding of the Dutch language because her mother is Dutch. Her mother, Yolanda Hadid, was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch family so her mother’s native tongue is Dutch. 

Gigi mentioned in her ‘73 questions’ video with Vogue that her mother, Yolanda Hadid, used to speak Dutch to her sometimes, mainly whenever they visited the Netherlands. 

The interviewer then asked Gigi to say something to him in Dutch to which Gigi replied ‘nee’ which is the Dutch word for ‘no’. Based on this it seems that Gigi cannot really speak the language much.

Gigi has revealed that she will teach her daughter the Dutch word for ‘grandma’ which is ‘Oma’ and her Dutch mother Yolanda will be known as this to baby Khai.

In an interview with Vogue Netherlands, Gigi Hadid mentions that when her Dutch family speak to her in Dutch, she would always reply in English. She tells us that her favorite Dutch word is ‘poffertjes’. 

How Well Does Gigi Hadid Speak Dutch?

It seems as though Gigi only has a very basic understanding of Dutch and cannot really speak the language, especially as she mentioned that when people talk to her in Dutch, she just replies in English.

It does appear that Gigi can understand some of the Dutch language though as her mother and relatives speak it a lot around her.

Unfortunately Gigi has never spoken Dutch publically so we cannot say how well she can speak it. It’s likely that she can understand some Dutch and can say some basic phrases but that’s all.

What Are Gigi Hadid’s Views On Learning Languages?

It seems that Gigi does have an interest in learning other languages. 

In 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Gigi shared a new activity that she was doing during quarantine. 

On her Instagram story, she shared that her older half-sister, Alana, had inspired her to try and learn a new language. She shared that she was going to start learning Italian and shared a screenshot of her using the Babbel app. 

She’s not given any updates since then on how her Italian is progressing.

It may come as a surprise to you that Gigi Hadid is a mostly monolingual speaker despite her dual heritage. It surprised us too!  

It’s great to see that Gigi has an interest in learning languages and it’s clear that her multicultural heritage is super important to her. 

Thanks for reading this post which answers the question ‘how many languages does Gigi Hadid speak?’.

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